Have I mentioned how obsessed the boys (particularly the eldest!) are with disaster!? Ethan loves programmes like Helicopter Heroes, Countryside 999 and the latest An Hour to Save Your Life (which I have to watch with him from behind a cushion as it is very gory!)…

So we made our way to Rescue Day 2015 at 7 Lakes Country Park in Crowle, North Linc (not far from my Mum and Dad’s) to watch simulated disasters and other such exciting stuff!

The sun was shining as we paid our £10 for a family of four entry and headed over to watch a helicopter land on a nearby helipad.

The park is set around a lake where there were simulated air/sea rescues, flooding disaster, marine wildlife rescue and saving children from a partially submerged bus. Each rescue was outlined in the programme with the timings so you didn’t miss any of the action. We watched beautiful, huge newfoundland dogs assisting the coastguard rescue children from a flooded house. Amazing stuff! The lake also saw the arrival of the Red Devils, the British Army’s ¬†parachute regiment. They were totally awesome and the boys were quick to hassle them for autographs after!

Another highlight of the day was a simulated police chase with a couple of police cars plus an unmarked car chasing after the “baddies”, only stopping them with a stinger placed on their route. When one of the baddies ran off the police sent a dog after him which pulled him to the ground. Apparently police dogs are trained to automatically chase someone who runs off!

The boys also watched transfixed at the Network Rail simulated crossing disaster where a tractor had broken down on a crossing and later on a minibus with children in it, showed how the different agencies worked together as a team to make sure that everyone had the best attention they needed.

There was also a house fire simulation that we missed as we were watching children been saved from a submerged bus.

Although the day was lots of fun and there were lots of laughs it had some really serious messages to get across to children about not playing on train tracks or going swimming in lakes, which I think it did really well.

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  1. fritha says:

    sounds like a fantastic day and such an important lesson, I had no idea they did days like this x

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