With (at least) two firm Lego fans in our household, a visit to the first Brick show to be held outside of London at the NEC in Birmingham, was essential! 

There were plenty of Lego models to look at and get inspired from….


Such as Titanic built in Lego!

Or a new place to go on holiday? 

All these models give inspiration for some brick building on the separately coloured areas…


The boys spent hours getting  stuck into building!

The Guniness Book of Records were also there with timed competitions to see who could build the most Lego castles in two minutes and things like that. 

Also there are lots of stalls selling unique Lego gifts. Did you know you can send in a photo of anyone and have them made into a Lego figure with Mini Figs. We think a set of our family would be a fun idea! 

Another issue we have is finding places to store those precious Lego creations the boys have made so we were thrilled to be introduced to Base Ace who make cool bases to integrate with Lego so you can display and play with your models. Fab idea- think these will be on someone’s Christmas list! 

Brick is on at the NEC till Sunday 1 November, shortly followed by the show in London in December. A must for Lego addicts!

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