A spoonful of tea (or coffee)

Lashings of live music

A dollop of exercise

A barrel of theatre nights

A cupful of early nights


Mix together and serve with fun, friends and laughter!


The Sunlife Death Clock sounds like pretty morbid but it is actually an interesting little tool for assessing at what age you are likely to die based upon your lifestyle and circumstances.

To start off with you fill in the form with your age, gender and where you live.

You are then led to a screen where you select an option based  upon your job, alcohol/cigarette/cuppa consumption, exercise and music listening habits.

For many years I worked in an office and spent quite a large amount of time sitting down at a desk or in meetings. When I selected this option it reduced life by three years! I am now working as a teacher and very  rarely sit down so this must be a much healthier choice (although I think the stress of the job might negate that!).

I hardly ever watch TV really, maybe an hour or so in the evening (and am usually marking books or blogging at the same time!) However, watching more than around an hour or so a day also showed a drop in life expectancy.

Listening to music for more than an hour a day also shows to lengthens life, as does going to the theatre or live music/arts. I do love live music and theatre so am pleased to hear that nourishing your cultural side is beneficial to you. It isn’t often that things we enjoy are good for us is it!?

esunlifeIt was no surprise to learn that the more exercise you do increases life length as well as the fewer takeaways you eat have a positive effect. I have got a gym membership which I have just reactivated (went to body balance this morning!) and it does make me feel so much better so I am definitely going to get back into the habit of doing something at least three times a week, even just a 30 minute swim.

I do love a cup of tea in the morning but rarely have more than two or three cups of tea or coffee during the day. It was interesting to see that drinking  1-2 cups a day lengthened life but drinking none or 4-5 cups had a negative effect.  So a little of what you fancy does you good!

Another shocker for me was the effect of going to bed after midnight on a regular basis as this had actually shortened life expectancy. There are no fears of that – I am usually tucked up by 10.30pm most nights as need my beauty sleep!

Unsurprisingly the biggest drop in life expectancy was for the chain smoker which would have knocked 10 years off my life! Wow!

Now obviously no one has a crystal ball but this little tool is very interesting and fun to try. It does also make you think about your own mortality and how important it is to have insurance and a will in place to make things easier for your loved ones.

What do you think? Have you tried the test and defied the clock? Would this encourage you to cut back on the takeaways and hit the treadmill more often? Would love to  hear!


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