As the weather gets colder and nights get darker and we all think about hybernating, thoughts turn to board games and jigsaws to while away the days when we can’t get out in the fresh air as much.

Ravensburger’s Scotland Yard game has had a facelift and is back in town! I can remember it from the 1980s but never actually played it myself. However, as I have mentioned before, both boys are big fans of police and detective mysteries so I knew they would love this game of cat and mouse!

The board is a map of central London where Mr X, the criminal, travels around via bus, train or taxi, secretly trying to avoid capture by the cops who are the other players. Mr X only appears on the board at certain times and the detectives only know which mode of transports he uses so careful elimination is needed. He can however use his black card to hide even this information!

The detectives have to try and capture him though they only have a limited amount of travel tickets they can use.

Ethan played as Mr X the criminal mastermind who hot foots around London doing rather well with his poker face! The detectives don’t have any clues to work on so it is a challenge but the more you play the easier it does get and certainly with more players more of London can be covered!


It is designed for children aged 8+ mainly because there is strategy and teamwork involved and this game takes more concentration and focus that some other board games. I would think your 8 year old would have to be fairly tuned in to enjoy this game and it is even better suited to slightly older children aged nearer to 9 or 10.

It is a good quality board game and the contents are robust and would last plenty of careful handling (which is good as it is a fun game and one we will be playing lots over the winter months I think!). It also is an educational game where the detectives have to use their communication and negotiation skills as well as a touch of persuasiveness!

If you have a child who is getting bored of some of the babyish board games this offers something more meaty and deep yet is still fairly straightforward and most important fun.

What do you think? Do you play board games in your house?


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2 Responses to Ravensburger’s Scotland Yard (a review) #detective #boardgame #christmas

  1. Oh that looks great – we are big fans of jigsaws and board games here!

  2. Ness says:

    We love a board game session. Since I’m from London this game really appeals to me.

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