This year October half term was quite special as this was the first one that Ethan has had since starting “big school” in September! 

I had been full on with planning all the treats we were going to do to give him a nice break from the classroom and school routine – lego play day at the library, meet ups with friends, lunches out, halloween parties and outdoor fun.

However, chicken pox had other plans! Noah had picked it up over two weeks previously at nursery and I was convinced Ethan would get it. I had been told it could take two weeks to come out so after two weeks (the Monday before half term started on the Friday) thought we were in the clear and perhaps was immune to it, or (shock horror!) had had it without me noticing (eek – although someone else had told me they can get it without getting spots!!).

Anyway, he came home from school on the Wednesday looking very tired and with a slight temperature. I checked behind his ears, which were where Noah’s started and there were a couple of small pimples in his perfect skin. Arrgh, after Noah’s breakout (which took 3 days and a trip to the doctor before I could accept that he had it as he was so well otherwise!) I could definitely recognise the early signs.

I went to his parent’s evening that night and told the teacher, who was surprised as he had seemed fine at school. But mother knows best and the next morning he had a few more spots and was much quieter than usual so kept him off school on Thursday. Here he is feeling very sorry for himself (with his lively brother joining in the fun)..

I felt quite sorry for him as obviously our half term plans were going to have to change (although glad in a way that he has had it now whilst he is young enough not to suffer too badly). The Friday of that week was an inset day so he only really missed one day of school bless him!

So what did we do??? Had a great time that’s what!

Since he was born I have filled our weeks with activities, playgroups etc and so this forced excile was actually really refreshing (although could have done without it being virtually back to back with his brother’s!).

  • We had a couple of duvet days, watching dvds in our pj’s curled up on the sofa swathed in pillows, duvets and blankets all day..
  • We played lots of board games (partic Orchard toys our fave!), read books, practised our phonics a bit, and did jigsaws
  • We drank LOTS of hot chocolate (mummy drank tea) and apparently Skips crisps are the best nutrition for the pox! 
  • We did some halloween crafts and painting (not much but a little nod to pumpkin and spider pom poms!)
  • We generally wrecked the house but nothing new there…

When he was looking less spotty (after a couple of days) and was feeling a bit better, we went out for walks to see the horses in the field opposite our house, watched a digger moving earth on a farm nearby and chatted to dog walkers. Generally pottered about without any timescales to stick to… it was fab!

By the Thursday of half term week his spots had dried up and he was feeling back to his normal self. With an energetic 2 year old and a newly recovered 4 year old in the house there was only one answer – Halloween Party Time at our local leisure centre. They bounced on the castle, played party games and ate cake and crisps to their heart’s content. But when we got back home the duvet came out again, perhaps we had overdone it!

I had already made plans to see friends from York on Friday and so we headed to the wonderful Rufford Park and did the fab Halloween Trail which is  great way to get kids to do a walk and fill their lungs with fresh air. We followed clues and (eventually!) found a mummy, a witch and a vampire hidden in trees, spiders and all the Halloween treats we love. Here are Noah, Matilda and Ethan with the Grim Reaper in Rufford Abbey ruins.

He was back to school on Monday full of excitment to see his friends again and even though half term wasn’t quite as fun filled as others I think he had a good rest and enjoyed it just as much!

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