Everyone loves cake don’t they?

We certainly do and were thrilled to be sent some personalised cakes from Caketoppers, the cake delivery professionals!

We received four cupcakes – two classic sponge with white icing in silver foil case and two chocolate sponge with chocolate icing in gold foil cases.

Two cakes (the chocolate ones) were decorated with personalised writing I had requested and the two classic sponge cakes had a photo on each that I had sent to Caketoppers.

They were absolutely delicious cakes! The chocolate one was like fudge cake – moist and yummy.

Noah is quite fussy about his cake but he couldn’t get enough of these!

The cakes arrived in perfect condition in a cardboard box and wrapped in cellophane to keep them fresh. They were really good, sweet but not sickly. The ingredients list is quite long, which is always a concern to me, and there are lots of E numbers in the printed icing (though it does say they are used in very small amounts) but that is often the case for bought cakes.

Such a great idea for a special occasion when you want something personalised and unique.

A box of 6 personalised cupcakes costs £13.49 and 12 personalised cupcakes cost £24.49. There are lots of other options depending on your requirements, just check out the website above!



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  1. Granny says:

    Sounds deliciously scrumptious.

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