Children’s parties can be very expensive, usually running into the £100’s for the entertainment alone like rental of a room and equipment such as bouncy castle.

I always thought that purchasing the equipment ourselves to use each year would be really costly but when we were invited to try out the Bebop 16ft inflatable water slide from Toyzworld I was surprised to hear this retails at just £279 so essentially the price of about three lots of hire. Perfect some garden party fun!

The slide itself is very good quality. It comes in its own box and is easy to put together – in fact the kids virtually did it themselves! To inflate you attach the long piece of fabric, at the side of the slide, to the fan (which comes with it) and switch on! It just takes a couple of minutes to fully inflate. There is a shorter piece of fabric on the side too which must be kept tied. This can be undone for quick deflation. The electric lead for the fan isn’t very long so you will need an extension lead for the slide to be in the garden.

To turn the inflatable slide into a water slide you just fasten your garden hose pipe fitting to the enclosed tubes and the water jets fire from the cannon at the bottom on the slide and the shower part at the top which is attached by Velcro.

The slide can be secured with four strong anchor pegs that are included and there are also two large water bags that can be attached to the sides of the slide for extra stability. Once all set the fun begins!

We invited some friends around to try out the slide and it was very well received by all! We set some basic rules of only one on at a time (which were largely ignored) to keep things fairly safe.

There are some “steps” at the back of the slide to climb up. At the top of the slide there is mesh around the sides to avoid any slipping out! The bottom of the slide where you land isn’t inflated so the children land on essentially the grass underneath the fabric. This wasn’t so bad once the slide had been up for a while and this area had pooled with water to soften the landing, making a mini paddling pool.

The slide is suitable for ages 3-8 and there is a maximum use weight of 68kg. As well as keeping the children occupied at a party I think this slide would be a brilliant alternative to a paddling pool on a hot day. It comes with a carry bag so can be safely stored away. 

The slide would also suit a group such as the school PTA or a brownie/cub group or even a family and a group of friends purchase between them to share the use of. It is a high quality product that would withstand much use in my opinion.

Bebop have a selection of Inflatable Water Slides on their website – as my children get bigger I think we would need the next size up. Then maybe the adults could have a go too!

Perfect sunny day fun!


Disclosure: we were loaned the slide for the purposes of this post but all views and opinions are our own, unbiased. 

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3 Responses to Party time with inflatable water fun! #Summer @toyzworld1

  1. This does look like lots of fun – but I think that your kids will need a bigger size very soon!

  2. Granny Bernie says:

    This water slide is brilliant! Louise brought it up to her sisters house and all the cousins and their friends had a great time playing on it. I would certainly think about purchasing one between a group of friends or a church/activity group as it’s sturdy and easy to erect, it felt safe and only normal supervision was needed to ensue not too much silliness took place. It is terrific fun especially the spray thing and when the weather is hot and sticky there is nothing better than a wart slide.

  3. Jen says:

    I adore that tt is a water slide. My boys love anything to so with water, but I fear they are too big for this! I can not believe how fast they grow!

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