This weekend the 18th and19th November we…

We Drove to Manchester and went to Digital kids and I met EthangamerTV. We had a lovely jacket potato which was delicious.

I played minecraft with my dad which was brilliant!

Then we watched Max and Harvey on stage which was the best. We also (this is the best bit of my life) got Max and Harvey to sign autographs.

After that we went to Trafford Centre and I had a ice cream – Pan and Ice – which was the best!

Then we did boring clothes shopping and played laser tag. My name was red skull I got -150 which was good.

OOps I forgot before laser tag we went t Tampico – I had pad Thai and a mock tail called Popsicle. Then we went to the hotel got booked in then went to bed.

In the morning. I went down to reception and asked if I could have our breakfast box but they said “We have no breakfast boxes.”. This was sad but luckily we went to a premier in and had a nice breakfast there.

Then we drove to BBC Media city and had a behind the scenes tour of BBC and CBBC.We got to see all of the gadgets and cameras that most people will not be able to see.

We played Newsround and me and other people did the weather we also had a team and in the team we had to guess what CBBC programme was on the card by looking at a picture of the cast.

Next we played this game what the first person got a card on the card was a thing they drew it and them the next person drew it and went on then they was a person at the end and had to guess what was on the end whiteboard. It was such fun!

Nex we saw the actual HQ for CBBC which was very cool. Then we drove home and that was the story of our weekend

By Noah

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