Today was the annual Open Farm Sunday. This is one day a year when farms open their doors to the general public to see what really goes on behind the scenes. It takes an enormous amount of work and organisation for the farms in question but it is so good for the kids to see and experience.

We have been big fans of this day for a number of years, possibly even since it started running, and whatever the weather we have been at a farm for the day. One year it was torrential rain all day but we still trudged there. This was actually the year Noah was born (2009) and I took him in a baby carrier under my coat to keep him warm and dry!

Anyway this year we went to Oakfield Farm which is around a 30 minute journey from us. We have never been here before but it sounded like a fab day with a farm shop, tractor rides, animals and food available. The main thing the kids were looking forward to was the tractor ride.

We weren’t disappointed! There was loads going on. The first thing we noticed was the sheep shearing, which we have seen before but nonetheless the kids loved it!

In the same area there were some baby goats and some heavily pregnant heifers as well as sheep. They were all very cute. Noah liked to throw more hay in to them when they wouldn’t take it directly from him!


We had a walk around a bought some local honey from the bee keeper who showed us the equipment he uses to “gas” the bees so they don’t sting him.

Then the boys had a pony ride which they loved.


We now could see that the tractor was back so ran around for the tractor and trailor ride.

As well as a (surprisingly comfortable!) journey we were treated to the farmer telling us all about his farm. It is a non arable farm breeding cows and sheep for meat and chickens for their eggs. There is also a riding school there and horses.

The farm also has its own wind turbine in the field and solar panels on the farmhouse so it is good to see the farms role in ecological issues.

tractor ride

There is a farm shop which is only open on Saturdays but which sells the meat and eggs from the farm as well as fruit and vegetables. We bought some fruit and it was really delicious. Much nicer than supermarket stuff which to be honest just tastes like water compared! We also bought some sausages (the pork is bought in) and a steak pie for tea later in the week. Can’t wait for that!

All of this was free although a donation was appreciated of which the money would go to the Air Ambulance which is a charity I am a big fan of as they do great work and are a very worthy cause.

The only thing that did have a set price was a bouncy castle which the kids loved and I hope some of that money went to the charity too.

There is also a brewery on the farm which I thought was pretty cool! I bought a bottle home to try. We will definitely be heading back to this farm shop in the future.

We had such a fun afternoon. Thank you Oakfield Farm and Open Farm Sunday.


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11 Responses to Open Farm Sunday at Oakfield Farm

  1. Karl says:

    looked like the juniors had fun. but what’re the marks on your other kid’s face? had a fall or something?

  2. Susan Mann says:

    oooh such fun x

  3. Ah, tractor rides! Seems to be a bit of a theme. Ours had one too, and it was fab. It was a lovely day and you seem to have gotten the same lovely weather we had. Here’s to next year.

  4. Granny says:

    What fun you boys and your mum and dad have! I love to see your cheeky sweet smiles and am so glad the weather kept fine for you. Be good boys now, do you know that whilst I have been typing this I can hear an owl calling outside in the woods. I am tucked up in bed and the window is open because its so warm. Xxx

  5. Coombemill says:

    Looks like a great day, I’d never heard of this day before but I can see a few bloggers are on to it. I like the brewery bit, I wonder if Nick would wear this one as an addition for Coombe Mill? Thanks for linking up.

  6. We love a visit to the farm! Pony rides too how cool is that! Never knew farms had an open day! I personally love small locally brewed beer…how was it? 🙂 I love your little ones smiles.

    • Louise says:

      Yes it was a real treat! Open Farm Sunday is only once a year and they really pull out the stops so definitely worth looking out for. Haven’t had the beer yet – it is chilling for another day 🙂

  7. We were there too. It was really great and we popped to Derby Hall – Broomfield Hall down the road too. Love the pics the boys look like they had fun x

    • Louise says:

      Oh that is cool! It was fab wasn’t it. It is a great area isn’t it, will look out for Broomfield Hall as we will definitely be back there again this summer. xxx

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