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8 Responses to Last night we saw Santa…

  1. Charlotte says:

    Ah, it looks so lovely! Wish we’d gone! Might have to try White Post Farm. Hope you are well! x

  2. Louise says:

    It is crazy isn’t it. Well this Santa was fab, and the children were having a great time sitting on his knee. He really looked the part! x

  3. Jaime Oliver says:

    are they still there? i am going on Monday and hope they are still there my little man would love it 🙂

    • Louise says:

      I think they were only there for the night I’m afraid. x

      • Jaime Oliver says:

        Gutted, never mind 🙁 looks like it was great x

        • Louise says:

          Awh it was, we went last year as well and was similar. White Post farm is lovely for Christmas too usually (starts there this Sat). x

          • Jaime Oliver says:

            thats great we only live 5 mins from there and go past all the time, will have to take him on Sunday 🙂

          • Louise says:

            I have some vouchers to get into WPF for £7 each, you could mention them and they might let you in for that as think it is about a tenner usually. x

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