Billy Idol, revered rock god, is currently on a rare tour to the UK  and last night we were lucky enough to see him perform in Manchester’s O2 Apollo.

We actually saw him around nine years ago (although I can’t believe it has been that long) at Nottingham Rock City. He was amazeballs! His show started promptly at 8pm (we actually missed the first couple of songs as rocked up late! White Wedding – sob!) and did a full 2 hour + set. Rock City is, in the grand scheme of things, quite a small venue so the atmosphere was brilliant and he proved that he could still show the young pups of today what rock and roll is really all about! This was obviously in the days before social media exploded and camera phones were the norm so I don’t think I have any photos of the night (although I actually think I did take some!).

Anyway, last night the venue was considerably larger but still had a fabulous atmosphere. He kicked off the show around 9pm and strolled off about 11 after belting out a few songs from his new album as well as the old favorites – Rebel Yell, Sweet 16, White Wedding, Mony Mony (but no Hot in the City but he did that at Rock City so I will forgive him).


I kind of wish we had got closer to the stage for a better view (these photos are rubbish as just taken on my phone and we could actually see a but more detail) but it was quite tricky to push through the crowds too far and the Apollo does have a really cool raised flooring bit so you still feel like you are close when you are pretty much at the back!

Anyway I can’t believe he is nearly 59 as he looks awesome for it. We did discuss if surgery was possibly involved on the face (can you actually have 6 pack surgery!?) but who cares no one else can carry it off quite like Sir Billy!

Can’t wait for next time (hope it isn’t another 9 years!).


Tentatively linking up with The Gallery where the theme this week is Yellow, because Billy Idol has yellow hair (sort of)!

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16 Responses to Last night… @billyidol @02apollomanc

  1. […] also quite fancy the Isle of Wight festival which this year has Billy Idol headlining […]

  2. mama elsie says:

    I think you have to be allowed the tentative link up this week because when we think of Billy Idol i definitely think of bright yellow hair. And what an amazing opportunity to see the Idol. Curled lip ‘n all!

  3. KarenAnita says:

    oh my gosh. Can’t believe I missed him right on my doorstep – i had no idea he was touring! Such a babe haha x

  4. Sarah says:

    Fabulous! He’s still got it and I was a big fan back in the day. Great to see he is still rocking and touring 🙂

  5. LauraCYMFT says:

    Clever take on the theme. Sounds like you had a lot of fun!

  6. Mrs Darling says:

    Nice try! I too thought the ticket was yellow so I think you get away with it 😉 Looks like a great night.

  7. Mari says:

    Loving your tentative link up but the ticket also looks yellow to me.
    I loved Billy Idol, was a huge fan in his day and like Tara I also taped the TOTP asking for complete silence during the show 🙂

  8. Molly says:

    Lucky you…. I hear is still a fabulous live act!


  9. Susan Mann says:

    lol excellent link. Glad yolu had a great time x

  10. Kizzy says:

    Love the link, well thought and looks like a great night.

  11. That is a VERY tenuous link! But I forgive you because this was a great read! I went to university in Nottingham, so the mere mention of Rock City makes me go all nostalgic and misty eyed. I saw a fair few concerts there and also went clubbing there every week.
    I’m off to see my very favourite band, The Levellers, tonight. I’ve seen them all over the place, but was never lucky enough to see them at Rock City.

    • Louise says:

      Rock City is a brilliant night, wonder if we were ever there at the same time 🙂 Enjoy The Levellers! x

  12. Tara says:

    Ha ha, love your tentative link! Takes me RIGHT back to my childhood of taping the Top 40 in my bedroom on my old ‘push the record and play button at the same time’ cassette recorder!

    • Louise says:

      Oh yes me too! Sunday nights were all about taping the best tunes from the Top 40 on Radio 1 🙂

  13. louise says:

    I’m so jealous but you’ve also reminded me about going with you to Rock City to watch Billy 9 years ago. I was pregnant and it’s probably the last gig I went to. Should I laugh or cry? 😉

    • Louise says:

      awh lou we will have to work on that – fancy Camp Bestival next year!? x ps I know it is 9 years since the last time because you were pregnant and I judge it by how old M is! x

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