Sitting about in pj’s eating chocolate and drinking bucks fizz whilst watching films is great fun in the festive season but soon talks its toll on the (increasing!) waistline.  I know there is nothing else for it but to ensure 2012 includes much more exercise in my life. As a good friend reminded me we don’t want to be “40 AND fat”, Ahem, very true! Fitness is also something I feel strongly about as it definitely helps you in mind and body to really enjoy, and get the most out of, life.

There is no excuse to look really good whilst you are working out as Next have designed a fab collection of workout and post workout clothes in collaboration with the fabulous and inspirational Davina McCall. I have a couple of Davina’s workout DVDs and they really are amazing, particuarly when you have small children and can’t get to the gym. Once the kids are asleep you don’t even have to leave the comfort of the living room to have a good workout that you can really feel the next day.

I am loving all of the range!

The everyday shoes featuring F.I.T technology come in a great range of styles and are very reasonably priced at around £30.

And the fitness range is, as you would expect, very stylish yet practical.. especially love the cuffed joggers and burnout vests and tshirts. This again, is well priced and quality is ensured with the Next branding.

I hope that Next choose me to try out and review this fantastic range on my blog! Fingers crossed xx

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