Phew! Well it is now a fair few day since Total Greek Yoghurt sponsored me to go to Cybermummy and I for one am still recovering. And I only was there for the day! Although it was a very long day..

It kicked off with an early train from Nottingham to St Pancras (I just had to nip into the new Cath Kidston store on arrival, and although it didn’t have what I was looking for it is still very nice!). Our train had arrived in 12 minutes early so I had plenty of time but decided to get a cab anyway to save the stress.

When I arrived at the Brewery there were a handful of ladies hanging around the entrance.. some very yummy mummy bloggers! Already I felt very at home as they were lovely and friendly and I knew that the day was going to be, if nothing else, good fun.

Once I had picked up my badge (unfortunately with an admittedly quite amusing typo – Georgeous!) I headed into Cybermummy Central to start getting my passport signed and pick up some much needed breakfast. The room was full of all of the Sponsors and a very friendly lot they all were. I had a great chat with the guys from Ubisoft and Katie from Butlins. I have to say being given the passport was a great way to ensure you visited all the Sponsor’s – the only thing is when I am given a job I am fully focused on it and i think it digressed me a little from the actual Conference at first!

Anyway, next stop was Cybermummy 1 and the welcome from the organisers followed by Facebook and then Sarah Brown. I had been really looking forward to her address but had to nip out for the “newbie” photoshoot for the up and coming Calendar that I really wanted to be part of. When I got back to my seat she was just finishing off but caught enough to gather that she is very down to earth and normal!

To be completely honest the rest of the day is a bit of a blur. When I look back it reminds me a bit of my wedding day where you are having a great time but you just lose track of time and get lost in the atmosphere! In general I was a little disappointed by the workshops, although I don’t know if I chose the wrong ones! There was lots of variety all going on at the same time and the level was generally quite basic. Perhaps if they had run the same type of events at the same time, with the difference being the level of previous knowledge it would have helped but then there wouldn’t have been the broad range of options. The workshops I did go to didn’t teach me anything majorly new although I have to admit I am still ticking off my to-do list from Blogcamp in Manchester (which I thought was very useful) so perhaps my focus wasn’t entirely there.

The highlight of the day for me was the crowd sourced speakers in which fellow bloggers read out selected posts. There was a fantastic combination of short, long, funny, poiniant and emotional and demonstrated fantastic strength and talent.

Overall though I think the best part was meeting and chatting to the other bloggers, hearing their story and what they were getting out of the day. I didn’t really go with any preconceptions or expectations of the day and so it was all an eye opener for me. I met some lovely people who introduced me to new blogs and look forward to following their blogs now I have met them in the flesh and it makes it a bit more real.

After the 3 party I headed wearily back to the train station with my goodie bags. It was midnight before I finally hit the sack! It was an amazing day and huge thanks go to my fantastic sponsors Total Greek Yoghurt. I think I probably would do it all again next year!

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