Monsters Inc is possibly the most watched film in our house. So we are very excited about the latest adventures of Sully and Mike in the release of Monsters University.

Noah is 4 and I think he is ready to go to the cinema. The last time he went he was far too young at about 2. It was to see Cars 2 and mostly he went because Ethan was going with his friends. He spent most of the film running around or outside with me. Luckily there weren’t many people in the cinema or we would probably have been ejected! He really wants to see this film so fingers crossed he will sit still and enjoy the experience a bit more now.

We have been lucky enough to have been sent the Monsters University soundtrack to listen and review.

This is a great introduction to the film. It is full of energy and orchestral antics , as well as some classical interludes getting you in the mood for a classic film the kids are bound to love.

We were listening to the soundtrack on the laptop whilst Ethan was quietly sharpening pencils (a rare moment!). He kept jumping up to look at the laptop when the music quickened or got deeper (as in the actual film this would be something exciting happening). It was funny to see and explain to him that this is just the music not the actual film!

It has all the characteristics of a Disney score, possibly because it is composed and conducted by Randy Newman, an American composer who has also did the scores for Disney Pixar hits Toy Story, Bugslife and Cars to name a few.

I am keen to encourage the children to appreciate music and this is something different to what we would normally listen to. So it was fun and they enjoyed playing whilst this was on as background music.

The album is only available for download in the UK here priced at £8.99.

Are you a Monsters Inc fan?

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