Festivals can be expensive. As a captive market, you can’t help but have to splurge a bit but costs can really add up.  Camp Bestival is no different. Here are a few money saving tips to ensure you have lots of festival fun without breaking the bank!

Being prepared, as with so many things, is crucial and so stocking up on a few essentials from home is key.

Food is a big expense and one you can’t really help. Being outdoors such a lot seems to make me constantly hungry, or so it feels. The delicious aromas will entice you so just accept this and enjoy! You can always find some different foods to try and festivals are a great time to experiment. Same goes for drinks. Camp Bestival has a fab jamjar cocktail bar with some delicious drinks to try!

You can save on some of the little purchases though.

  • We take our own small gas stove and kettle for a morning brew. There are plenty of drinking water taps in the camping field so make the most of this free resource.
  • Take your own long life milk for the morning cuppa, cereals or bedtime drink.
  • Several packets of biscuits and crisps will always come in handy.
  • Stock up on porridge pots and pot noodles that you just need to add hot water to for breakfast and snacks.
  • Take your own refillable water bottles and cordial to keep hydrated.
  • For the first day grab some prepacked sandwiches and treats to eat once the tent is up so you don’t arrive at the festival site starving.
  • Withdraw cash before you go as cash machines at the festival will have a fee.
  • For children take bubbles, glow sticks and face paints plus their favourite activities to keep them busy at the tent so you don’t need to buy more at the site.
  • Take your own first aid kit for emergencies. There is a first aid tent onsite which sells everything you need but save a packet and take your own.

What else would you add to this money saving list?


Here is our festival packing list for some extra inspiration.



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  1. This seems like so much fun! I love your tips! What kinds of snacks do you usually take with you?

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