Noah and myself have recently completed a Surestart Mini Olympics course.

It was about encouraging and educating us to:

  • do 60 minutes activity a day – dancing, walking, playing – no matter what the weather!

  • learn more about fun ways to be physically active and how you can build up activity throughout the day


  • learn about the heart, which is a muscle and needs to be exercised


  • the importance of eating five fruit and vegetables a day



We also did some “snack art” and made a edible medal…

  • Take a round cracker
  • Spread it with cream cheese
  • Place a cucumber slice or kiwi in the middle and top with a raspberry.
  • Decorate around the cucumber with raisins, bluberries or whatever fruit/veg you like.




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3 Responses to Mini olympics!

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  2. Love the idea of an edible medal – will have to try that!

    Also wanted to say that I’ve nominated you for a versatile blogger award. Maybe you’ve had one already – no need to do anything, just thought I should let you know x

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