Yo Sushi, in case you don’t know, is a high street restaurant serving up delicious Japanese street food and sushi. They now have 100 restaurants and have been going for an amazing 20 years! The boys love Yo Sushi – the food of course but also the experience of picking the fresh cold plates of food from the revolving counter that circles their restaurants. They love the novelty of it and also how you can see your food before choosing it to eat.

Now, did you know they also have a Sushi school offering cookery classes to adults and also Mini Ninja, for children!?

We went along to the Nottingham restaurant to try out one of the classes, which are running in selected restaurants around the country.

Classes run for an hour very Tuesday and Wednesday at 11am for the duration of August.

Firstly you are given your plastic apron, gloves and hair cover by the friendly staff.

Ready for the Yo Sushi Mini Ninya sushi cooking class

Seated on the bar,the first item on the menu is the classic, Salmon Nigiri.

The boys were shown how to shape the sushi rice, then add a dash of wasabi before placing over the thinly sliced, fresh raw salmon.

Next up the children made Cucumber Maki. The seeds from the cucumber are removed so it doesn’t make the sushi soggy.

Harry, our sushi teacher, cut up the rolled maki for us.

And finally California Rolls. There is a certain knack to rolling these using your little finger and thumb. Harry made it look very easy but luckily he went through it one at a time with the mini ninjas to make sure they got it right!

The freshly made sushi is all  placed into a cute little takeaway box.

The boys really loved making the sushi and wolfed it down for their lunch afterwards. Perhaps it is something to do with making it themselves that gave them such an appetite.

They got to take home their hat and rolling mat as well as a certificate and recipe cards in a cute little Mini Ninja bag. We have since bought sushi rice and nori (the seaweed wrap) to have a go at making our own sushi. You can try out different ingredients in the rice – even sweet would work such as chocolate or mango. Yum yum!

Mini Ninja classes are suitable for 5-12yr olds. Parents are required to remain with their children throughout the class.

It is something different for children to try out and we would definitely recommend. It is reasonably priced for the experience you get and has made me tempted to try out one of the adult cookery courses. The perfect rainy day activity!

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2 Responses to Mini Ninja Cookery School with Yo Sushi @yosushi #yosushi #cookery #children

  1. Emma says:

    Wow, my son would LOVE that! Looks amazing!

  2. Wow I’m so jealous
    I love sushi and so does my son – he would eat every day if he could

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