Warwick Castle is a pretty special castle. It is a really well preserved and the £6 million investment and last ten years of restoration have really paid off. We last visited when Ethan was only a baby so neither of the kids had any recollection of going.

The boys love Mike the Knight, even Ethan though he is now six years old and is starting to wane with a lot of Cbeebies programmes, he still loves to watch Mike with his four year old brother. Here is a blog post we did of Ethan in his Mike the Knight shirt.

Anyway that same shirt came out for this very special day when Mike the Knight took over Warwick Castle to celebrate the launch of the show’s 2nd series and we were thrilled to be invited along to join in the fun.

There were lots of extra activities going on to celebrate Mike’s presence as well as guest photo opportunities from the man himself including horse racing, magic from his sister Evie, face painting, sand castle building, and target practice. We spent the whole of the morning in this area trying out everything and the kids had great fun.


After a sandwich lunch we headed into the castle courtyard which was bustling with people enjoying the sunshine.

The kids were really keen to walk the castle walls and towers. There are over 500 steps in completing this and it is all one way. You could see where the archers had stood defending the castle and the fantastic views of the surrounding countryside that would have offered the soldiers a view of advancing enemies.

Next up the Warwick Warriors were putting on a sword fight in the central courtyard so we settled down with icecream to watch the show. The boys were transfixed!

I love watching birds of prey putting on a display so was really looking forward to the Flight of the Eagles. The birds fly down from the trees or the castle tempted by offers of food. First off was a beautiful six month old owl native to South Africa, who was hatched and raised in England. He was beautiful and majestic. Next up was a bald eagle who skimmed over the heads of the crowds. At this point Noah decided he had had enough so I took him off to the Princess Tower (I had already picked up some tickets for a timed slot). It was hot and he was fidgety so I thought he might like this.

The Princess Tower involves knights and princesses aged 2 to 8 years getting dressed up, having their photos taken on a green screen background (you can then choose your preferred background). They then go into the princesses’ chambers for a story about one of the princesses who was getting married to a Justin Bieber lookalike prince. The children are shown her wedding dress and chose accessories for her outfit. They played a few other games and although it was very girly Noah did enjoy it. At the end the children are offered a pea for them to put under their mattress to see if they are a princess. Noah is clearly a highly socialised boy and was shocked at the thought of being a princess so no pea for us!

We had also got some tickets for the Merlin show which cost £3.60 each (under 4s free) as we had heard this was good fun for the kids. Ethan has watched Merlin on occasions and loves the sword fights! We were led into the Dragon Tower and met one of Merlin’s assistants who gave us a comedy introduction to the interactive tour. When we met the dragon it singled out Noah and told him he was going to grow up to be a “brave and noble knight” which he absolutely loved (although was very shy at the time!)!


Finally (phew this day is going on for ever!) we headed to the Trebuchet Fireball show. This is just the best end to the best day as you watch a giant catapult hurtle a ball of flames across the sky.

We just had time for a quick play in the Pageants Pound which consists of lots of tunnels and slides and the kids could have happily stayed there for hour. There was still lots of the Castle we didn’t see but it is such an amazing day out we will definitely be back.

It was also lovely to meet, if only briefly, other bloggers Redpeffer, Missing Sleep, the boys from Alexander Residence, Mama Geek, Eileen and thank you to Emma for telling me about the day.

Thank you to Matthew and the team at HIT Entertainment for providing us with family entrance to the castle, lunch and Mike the Knight goody bags. It was a fabulous day!

There is still time to see Mike the Knight at Warwick Castle as he is there again this weekend, 6 and 7 July.


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  1. Granny says:

    This looks such fun! I wish I had been there. Xxx

  2. Lovely to meet you too! You guys packed in loads, very impressed.

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