Over the Easter holidays, which are now so away, we had an amazing holiday in Mexico! We flew to Cancun on the Yucatan penisular on the Caribbean Sea. More on where we stayed later but i just thought I would start with a couple of days out we had.

The first was to Xel Xa, which is pronounced Shell-Ha. This was a combined day trip with a visit to the ancient city of Tulum.Tulum is a Mayan walled city situated on coastal 12 foot tall cliffs and is really well preserved. As a centre for trading the city flourished between the 13th and the 15th centuries, fading only 70 years after the Spanish army started conquering today’s Mexico.

As you can see the location is stunning!

Xel-Ha is a natural water park with stacks of fun water based activities to be had.

The first thing we did when we arrived, as it was 1pm and we were very hot after our morning in Tulum, was grab our lockers and snorkel gear which is in with the price and head for the water to see some fish!

The lagoon snorkel area is actually massive and I found the bit that we were in was actually quite cloudy as it had a sandy base which was always being kicked up. There were a few pretty fish though and it was a lovely way to cool down.

There is so much more to Xel Ha than just the snorkelling so after a while we headed up to top of the river. You can walk, cycle or get a bus to this part. We got the bus which takes you through the jungle! At the top of the river you can get a bag to put your belongings in to keep them dry if you want which you then transport with you down river. We didn’t bother as only had our snorkels with us and thought we might use them on the way.

The first attraction is the lazy river for which you can get one or two seater inflatable rings. You then float along through the fresh water and mangroves. It is all very relaxing!

Along the way there are stops for clifftops that you can jump off. Now, I am sure in my youth this would have been something I would have loved. However it did look rather daunting so I let hubbie and the boys have a go. Well they had two!

Further down stream is the highlight of the day! Here there are zipslides into the water that you can either hang from my your arms or sit on like a swing. I opted for the latter!

I think video captures this day much better than a static blog post so watch this space!

Have you visited Mexico? Would love to hear where you went and what you did!

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