I love Surestart and have blogged lots about the fun things we do there on several occasions, here and here.. Now I only have Noah to myself two days a week( as he has his educational funding getting him ready for school the other three days) I am trying to do a combination of structured things together with some chill out time.

Yesterday we went to Messy Play, which is a group I have been going to for many years with Ethan and then both boys, and now just Noah. Some weeks we go and he isn’t interested in the slightest in the craft activities and just wants to play with the toys or run around outside playing with the cars, bikes and outside activities. But this week he seems quite focused on making stuff. I think it was perhaps because it wasn’t too busy.

As a mum, I like Messy Play as it is a group where you can relax and enjoy watching them get up to their elbows in paint, wipes their hands all over the table, spread glitter everywhere and then walk off to try something else! I’m not house proud by any stretch of the imagination but it is a little deflating when you spend 10 minutes setting up a painting or craft activity at home for them to lose interest after about 30 seconds and it take you another 10 minutes to pack it all away! As if you don’t have enough to do 🙂

Here are some highlights of our couple of hours there…


Things we did include:

  • playing with dinosaurs in sparkly jelly
  • making a picture with foam
  • making a sticky picture
  • playing with the dressing up clothes (missed this photo opportunity but he was a policeman/doctor v cute)
  • playing in the coloured, cooked pasta shapes

As you can see it is all different stuff that you wouldn’t be able to provide at home on a regular basis. All of the different textures and activities are good for their development. It is also a lovely opportunity for the kids to play with other children their age, mums catch up with other mums, get out of the house and have fun together. The children also have a healthy snack (this week was toast, banana and apple) and the session is finished off with a sing song.

When we have done something like this together, I find he is happy and relaxed and we can enjoy the rest of the day together. What do you like to do with your preschoolers? Are you a big fan of Surestart centres too?


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4 Responses to Messy Play.. what we get up to at Surestart

  1. Granny says:

    This sounds very interesting Louise, sounds like very good fun and I tried it myself with Anna this afternoon. There were only six children at Surestart and four helpers so we got a good deal. Everyone was very kind and friendly and the toys and place itself were spotlessly clean. We intend to return next week.

  2. Susan Mann says:

    That looks so much fun. Love it x

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