Have you ever had a personalised video message actually from Santa?

This is a fabulous and totally free online service!

Well we first did this with Ethan when he was 3 and every year since, as soon as Christmas is on the horizon (pretty much after Bonfire Night) he starts asking when Santa will be sending him his message… and of course the all important question – has he or has he not made it on “the good list”!

Last year, when Noah was at the height of the “terrible twos” we did the video message as out of curiosity I did a “naughty” child one for him and a “good ” child for Ethan. Although Noah generally doesn’t care what anyone thinks about him he did look a little worried for a moment. Ethan was very concern about Noah getting on the “good” list and was very relieved when we went to see Santa who reassured him that Noah was on his good list – hilarious fun!

It is very simple to do, just questions about your child, their daily routine, what they would like for Christmas and you can upload photos of them making it even more personal.

The kids adore the message screaming with excitement when they see their name and their photo – it is sooo cute!

I videoed their reaction when they were watching it and it was very special. Why not try doing one for yourself and really get into the Christmas spirit of fun with your children?

You can make your own message here. If you like you can upgrade to Premium which for £2.99 gives you the video plus

  • + A clip of Santa’s riding on his sleigh
  • + A personalised Christmas Carol
  • + A look at Santa’s magical periscope
  • + A photo of the child’s favourite animal in photo
  • + More surprises
It is all lots of fun and a lovely way to keep the dream alive!

Disclosure: In return for writing this post we received two free codes for the Premium package but all views and opinions expressed are our own.


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