We have met quite a few Santa’s this year. The first one was very special however and took place at the East Midlands shopping outlet. Santa arrived on a sleigh pulled by reindeers which trotted along the road, down the hill and into the carpark – it was awesome! We had just arrived and they trotted right past us! Santa was very jolly and waved hello to the kids. He looked like a proper Santa – even his beard looked authentic!

We had a walk around whilst Santa set up his stand and listened to the brass bands and children singing carols. There were some very friendly elves who made balloon space guns and swords for the boys. As this was about the third week in November it was a good way to get into the festive spirit!

We queued in line looking at the reindeers to visit Santa sat on his sleigh. Ethan’s first words to him were “ey up my duck” which made me laugh.

Santa said to Ethan “ah i remember you from last year, i tickled your nose but you didnt wake up” Ethan looks perplexed!

Later on, he brought it up again “I cant remember Santa tickling my nose” No? “Did he have gloves on?, ah no i think he probably used a feather because cos (on a picture in the shopping centre) i saw he had a pen with a feather on!” Classic!

Since then we have seen numerous Santa’s, two within an hour of each other and even a carpark full on Santa’s on scooters! So, we are defintely going down the “Santa has lots of helpers” route. I have a feeling this first one was the real one though 🙂

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