Christmas is ages away but last Saturday we visited the National Space Centre in Leicester to meet the latest space-themed LEGO Galaxy Squad and I definitely think they hold serious potential as gifts for the kids.


The boxed kits are the same format as all the Lego sets are, with several different creatures/machines you can make. Although they are designed for 7+, the boys aged 4 and 6 would probably need a little help building them, they still would love playing with them for hours.

The Squad team is available in four different colours which all have different qualities ie red team are no nonsense, get the job done types, green are very brave, orange are the glory seekers and blue are the ones in charge. This really captured the imagination of Ethan who liked the idea of the different teams, who all have different space ships etc. Some are really cool as with the press of the button they can turn into something else ie space ship releases a moon buggy for traversing the planet terrain! There is certainly lots of play potential and hours of fun ahead with these.

There are also the “baddies” ie the aliens whom they need to protect the human race from. These are life-like insect type creatures that look very cool. They also move anatomically which looks amazing. Lego have really exceeded themselves with the fantastic detail they have gone into.



We have visited the Space Centre before for a Star Wars related day which the kids loved and it was great to see all the exhibitions again.

There was lots going on for the launch of the Lego Galaxy Squad. You could make mini movies using the lego models and motion capture software, build your own models with lego or make slime of different colours.

We also met Duncan (below), who builds lego models for a living! He told us all about his business which sounds like every Lego fans dream!

We had a go at building a square of lego from a pattern which formed part of a bigger picture of the Lego Galaxy Squad logo. It looks really good but there was a huge amount of work that went into it with the section constantly busy!



Thank you to Elyssa and team for organising the day and inviting us along. It was fantastic and we loved the new Lego Galaxy Squad range.

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4 Responses to Meeting the new Lego Galaxy Squad…

  1. […] a part of. We did something similar to this at the Junior Builders week at LEGOLAND and at the Space Museum in Leicester too, and this is always good […]

  2. granny says:

    looks like great fun was had there you lucky lucky boys, enjoy yourselves I miss you like crazy xxx

  3. Erica Price says:

    These look fab. I’ve been meaning to go on a family trip to the space station for ages too.

  4. Anne says:

    Sounds great, might be somewhere we could visit in the near future, my older two are just getting into lego, the Little Man is still on the Duplo!

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