Someone new has come to live at our house. He doesn’t take much looking after and is the perfect housemate! He is the original iconic body builder Stretch Armstrong!

Now I remember Stretch from the first time around, almost 40 years ago, and he hasn’t changed a great deal but he is definitely one of those classic toys worthy of a rerelease!

Stretch’s body beautiful is made from soft squidgy plastic (similar to stress balls) and he has a hard plastic head. 

He is a quality toy and  Noah has had lots of fun stretching him, twisting him and generally contorting him into unwieldy positions. He can stretch 4 times his original size (and I think we have certainly pushed those limits!). As soon as he is left alone he contracts back to his original size. 

Stretch has been all over the place with us. I would say he is mostly played with on a one-to-one basis but his brother hasn’t missed the opportunity to join in the stretching fun too. 

Stretch Armstrong retails at £19.99 which I think is a good price for a quality toy which will take some breaking.

You can buy him here.  


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