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Life can be a crazy place to be at times – juggling all the commitments, raising a family and running a home. We have high expectations of ourselves and rush around in a busy spin. Obviously at times things can slip. One thing I have let slide is looking after me. I think this is something lots of women probably do to an extent when they have children, as your priorities change and you don’t have the time anymore, I can think of a million and one excuses. Anyway, I have been essentially eating and drinking without really thinking about it; cake with coffee, calorie laden snacks and of course that hard earned glass of wine (and nibbles) at the end of the day. I think sometimes I am still following the breastfeeding diet but I don’t have the baby to help me get rid of those extra 500 calories a day! And the result is obviously the weight has piled on! 

Thinking Slimmer is a revolutionary way of losing  weight that turns the world of dieting on its head and I have been following for program for around four weeks now. Here is a great post by Kate on Thin Ice which describes how it works but essentially you make your weight loss (realistic) goals, write down three positives from the day and listen to the “slimpod” every day (I listen last thing at night). Then you just smile, relax and see what happens!
When I first started I have to admit to being a little skeptical as it is hard to believe you can lose weight without depriving yourself of your favourite foods and making yourself thoroughly miserable. However now I can see small changes that are really positive. Before you can actually lose weight you have to sort out lots of underlying issues you may have with food such as using eating as a way of coping with stress which I know I do quite often!
Here are just a few of the positives I have noticed since following the program:
  • clothes are looser and I feel more confident
  • can’t finish meals that I used to easily be able to polish off
  • sleeping better so feeling better and with much more energy
  • can easily turn down cake (shock, horror!)
  • choosing healthier options without realising it
  • drinking more water
  • going shopping I don’t buy the chocolate and biscuit offers that always ended up in the trolley as a treat
  • clarity in my thinking and reasoning (strange one I know but I attribute it to Thinking Slimmer!)
  • skin is clearer and softer
It is actually quite spooky how it all works slowly on the unconscious but I am now feeling really positive about it!
I will be tracking my journey “back to me” on my blog and hopefully I will have a body worthy of a bikini by July when we go to Rhodes with Mark Warner!
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3 Responses to Finding “me” again… #thinkingslimmer

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  2. Globalmouse says:

    This sounds really interesting, I would love to feel a bit more comfortable in my summer clothes, I will look into this.

  3. Granny says:

    Good girl! I will have to try this too!

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