Wow it is March already! I finished working after one term as just felt pulled in all directions and I didn’t (couldn’t?) get the focus needed. So the year started with me catching up on all the jobs I had meant to do and having a bit of a much needed break. January did seem to drag but then February just flew!

I have been blogging lots more which is awesome and have also had a deep clean of the house, got us a new bed from Silentnight (thanks to a discount card from Blog on MSI last May) and started to think about how much the downstairs needs decorating. I even have wallpaper samples from Next thanks to my sister who is very talented in the colour/interiors department.

I have also been going to the gym lots – mainly doing spin classes but also body pump, some swimming and a few fight club classes. This was inspired a little by my friend Kerry who was doing about 6 classes a week! I think I managed four on my best week.

I have been doing some supply teaching (well a day and a half so far!) and also helping out in the boys’ school both of which have been fun.

Writing this all down is making me feel like I have actually had quite a busy start to the year but focus is needed as there are still lots of things on my to do list that never get done so making some March goals (inspired by a post over on Frugal Family.

  • Plant up some pots with pretty coloured flowers. I have bought the plants but just need to get the compost and get potting!
  • Arrange a night out with my mum friends. This has been on the list for ages and we can never seem to find a mutually convenient time. Even if it is July think we need to get it in the diary. Ditto on seeing my sisters and other friends in far flung places.
  • Get ready for Easter. We are now in Lent and I need to start to cut back on the treats a bit and eat more fruit (yeah yeah). We also have a holiday on the horizon so it would be nice to weigh a little less so I can indulge!
  • Book some mini breaks – coming up we the wonderful May bank holidays, a long weekend in June (inset days) and also the summer holidays to get booked some jaunts. On my list for this year are… Belfast, Warner Brothers Studios, Northumberland, North Wales, London, Disneyland Paris, boating holiday and lots and lots of camping.
  • Get the house totally organised!

So I will revisit these goals in a month’s time and see how I got on!

Do you have any goals for March?


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3 Responses to March Goals #spring #todolist

  1. I love the idea of having March goals, I might start to do the same as it’s great to have something to focus on isn’t it?

  2. Helen says:

    I love that you’ve written it all down. We rush through life with so many tasks that it’s easy to feel like we don’t achieve much. I might join in with this one. I bet if I wrote it down I’d be really impressed with myself!

  3. Emma says:

    I love your goals, especially the mini break idea.

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