Hanging Basket

Recently we took part in a fabulous workshop to create your own hanging basket at Making It! Discovery Centre in Mansfield.

Here is what we did!

  • Take a clean hanging basket and line with black plastic bin liner
  • Fill half full with compost
  • Add in plant food and water retaining granules
  • Put in some more compost until the basket is almost full.
  • Now the fun bit – adding your plants.
  • We chose Begonia, Lobelia, Petunia and Verbena. What beautiful names these flowers have!
  • Dig a hole in the centre for your centrepiece plant, then dot other smaller plants around the edge. It is a good idea to use trailing plants such as Lobelia around the edge.
  • Water well (3 large jugs into the basket and leave to soak for one hour).
  • When the hanging baskets are in situ, puncture holes into the plastic to allow drainage.
  •  Continue to daily in warm weather. If you go on holiday you may need to ask a neighbour to water your plants for you.


Happy Planting!

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4 Responses to How to Make your own Hanging Basket

  1. Susan Mann says:

    ooh those are fab. Can you send the boys my way 😉 x

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  3. granny says:

    What hard working boys. Maybe you will become florists!!!!

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