I am a strong believer that laughter is the best medicine and if you don’t have lots of laughs in childhood, let’s face it, when are you likely to have any!? Laughter is a great antitode to the stress we all feel under and is a great way to keep healthy and happy. Children can feel they are put under more and more stresses with school work pressures as well as everything else going on in the world that it isn’t surprising when their immune systems get worn down and they get ill.

The boys aren’t often ill but if we have been overdoing it a bit and they are tired they can pick up the odd cold or bug.

The only thing they want to do when feeling under the weather is get their duvet and pillow down from their bed and lie on the sofa, usually with a hot water bottle to hug, if they don’t have a temperature, feeling sorry for themselves. This is so unlike them I know something is wrong if this is all they want to do.

When they have a cold the perfect remedy is just what my mum used to make me – good old honey and lemon! Just chop up half a fresh lemon and squeeze out the juice from the other half and add to warm water with a generous spoonful of honey (manuka honey is truly magic stuff!). It is such a comforting drink, tastes delicious and has so many medicinal properties they are soon back on their feet again. This and lots of cuddles will soon have them back on their feet!

Vicks VapoRub is also the most amazing and essential part of our medicine cabinet especially for chesty coughs. I remember when the boys were babies they seemed to be constantly full of snuffles and I used to put Vicks on their chest and back before putting on their pyjamas and tucking them into bed. I am sure they just thought it was part of their bedtime routine i used so much! They still love the smell of it and have a jar of it each in their bedroom we use so much.

The boys love magic tricks and Vicks have put together some cool magic tricks to try at home to inject some fun and laughter. Here is one – the sliced banana trick…

Noah has been loving this particular trick and trying it out on his brother.

Also on the Vicks YouTube channel are a jumping coin trick, vanishing coin trick and magic drawing trick to surprise and delight your friends and family! A great way to occupy a poorly child.

Vicks also have a new product – First Defence nasal spray. By using it at the first sign of a cold – a tickly cough or a runny nose, it has been clinically proven to prevent a full blown cold taking hold. Very handy if you have holiday plans and don’t want to be ill! Please note it isn’t suitable for children under 12.


So what are your top tricks for making your children feel better when they are ill?


This post is an entry for the #VicksTricks campaign.

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3 Responses to Magic and laughter – the ultimate pick me up! #VicksTricks @britmums @vicks

  1. Ness says:

    I won’t have sad programmes on the TV as I think we should be surrounded with happiness and laughter whenever possible.

  2. Laughter really is the best policy !!

    When my son is on the sofa it’s like he’s a Royal 😉

  3. Laughter is a great medicine, my kids love being spoilt a bit and having a little bed on the sofa too.

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