Breakfast is definitely my favourite meal of the day.

In the morning I am straight downstairs making a beeline for the kettle for the morning cuppa, closely followed by the fridge for food.

We were challenged by Lyon’s golden syrup to make a 5 minute breakfast, using recipes from celebrity chef Jo Pratt, and get creative in the kitchen. Her recipes use syrup to create include Sticky Sausage sandwich, Sweet Chilli Tomatoes on toast and Fruit and Nut Energy Bars.

My favourite cereal has to be good old fashioned porridge. To make it even more yummy I love it fairly simple with banana, pecan nuts and a generous dollop of Lyon’s. This is a quick and easy breakfast that can be made even when you have to rush out on the school run.

Here is my easy peasy way to make porridge in the microwave..

Take one mug of porridge oats and place into microwaveable bowl. Using the same mug add in one mug of water and one mug of milk. Cover and microwave for about 4 minutes. The amount of time really depends on how big the mug is. Delicious!

Jo also has a recipe for Bacon, Cinnamon and Pecan French Toast which does sound delicious.

We decided to adapt the recipe slightly and made our french toast as you normally would by dipping bread into egg mixture and frying. The boys love to help out with this!

We then layered the french toast with bananas and Lyon’s golden syrup and shared it out amongst ourselves. We topped this off with crispy bacon and it was divine!


What do you think to combining the sweetness of syrup with the savoury of sausage, bacon and eggs? It really does work incredibly well and is very delicious.

What do you like for breakfast in the morning? Do any of Jo’s recipes appeal to you?



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