20140215-102325.jpgBeauty products and me are like magnets drawn to each other in an uncontrollable grasp. I just love them so much.

I also am a huge fan of Lush. I have been devoted to their products even from the Cosmetics To Go days (actually I think I may blame them on my beauty product addiction)…

The kids are following my lead. They go wild for Lush bath bombs, shower jellies and playdough soaps. The thing they like best though is the lip scrub though they eat it like sweets rather than use it to plump their lips so I have stopped buying it!

For some reason (possibly because I am so seduced by the delicious smelling soaps, bath products and funky if a little bright make up) I have never really tried their facial skincare products.

The key thing with a cleaner for me is it must be easy to use ie in the shower and ideally do more than one more job ie cleanse and tone. Enter Angels on Bare Skin… it smells fantastic and is easy to use though not like many traditional cleaners (you have to take a small amount of the mud type mixture, combine with water into a paste before putting on your skin) it goes on easily and your skin feels brilliant. You can see and feel the improvements within days and I am definitely going to buy more of this.

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Moisturiser is of course essentially and I tried three types Skin Drink (a nutty, buttery, delicious product), Gorgeous (a light moisturiser best for the summer made from cold pressed plant oils full of beneficial properties) and Skin’s Shangri La (this is more of a night cream or I liked it as a day cream in the winter and contains Queen of Hungary water, a distilled product made from rosemary and vodka). You can combine these moisturisers with a skin tint offering more coverage. It is good to know all the ingredients are natural and won’t damage or stain skin.


I am definitely converted and have to say my skin has never felt so pampered and happy and I have used some of the best (and priciest) Decleor, Clarins and Clinique products over the years on it.

The Lush staff are all so lovely and friendly and incredibly knowledgeable about the products and ingredients so why not pop in for a chat and some samples to try out. I am confident you won’t be disappointed!

Disclaimer: I received samples of the above products to last me a few days but all opinions and views expressed are my own and unbiased.

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  1. Granny says:

    The lassies in the derby shopping centre deserve a pay rise too. They were soooooo friendly and welcoming and knowledgable too. Lovely welcoming shop!

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