The latest luminarium, called Katena, developed by the talented Nottingham based Architects of Air is currently showing at the Wheee! festival at Nottingham University’s Lakeside Arts Centre until Sunday 5 June.

If you haven’t paid a visit to it yet I urge you to get yourself down there (it is very easy to get to with a tram stop just outside).

I described the luminarium to the boys as like the inside of a bouncy castle as they were really small last time we visited one and couldn’t remember. 

They absolute loved it, whatever, and were both soothed and invigorated by the colours and shapes. It was almost tardis like how big it feels inside as it doesn’t look so vacuous from the outside.

It costs just £4 each for entrance – tickets need to be purchased from the Lakeside box office before queuing. You leave your shoes in the cupboard provided before leaving the wild behind! Once in you can relax and take in the calm and soothing atmosphere or explore and enjoy the ambience. 

 If you aren’t close by to Nottingham, Katena and other luminariums are touring the world – you can check out where they are here.

Have you visited a luminarium before? What did you think?

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