My love affair with blogging has a rival. I still love blogging just as much as ever but I have had my time and energies diverted elsewhere in the last six months.

The object of my affections raises my heartrate, makes me sweat buckets and has me gazing in awe at firm buttocks. Yes i have joined the gym!

Now my little babe is at nursery, I drop him and head to group cycling (spinning) class, body pump, circuit training or some similar form of torture.

I haven’t actually lost any weight and my clothes don’t fit any better but I haven’t changed my eating habits significantly either. In fact every time i get on the scales i seem to have put on 10 kilos! It is all a blur! I do feel healthier and sleep tons better though and the next step now is to adopt a healthier eating strategy to lose weight and tone up.

On Saturday I did my first Bootcamp class. I knew it would be tough.

It was a beautiful sunny day. The class was mainly female participants with male instructors.

It involved a lot of running (which I hate) and competitiveness (ditto). It also involved leaping and frogging, forward rolls and bunny hops. It reminded me if school sports day! We left with our dignity in tatters.

But is was good fun. The next day I ached which felt good and I have booked onto next week (which I may still cancel!).

So there we go, perhaps some balance is restored in my life?!

Here are some ways I have kept motivated:

I arranged to meet friends at classes meant I was less likely to cancel and let them down.

Choose a variety of exercise types to keep you interested.

Give yourself non exercising days to allow your body to recover.

Do you have any tips to add?

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  1. Susan Mann says:

    Way to go you xx

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