Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire is a favourite place of ours to meet up with friends and family and also holds lots of fond memories  of my own from childhood when we used to spend many a weekend there. 

We headed there to experience some more of the National Trust’s 50 things to do before you are 11 -many of which we have already ticked off! 

It was quite a blustery morning so first things first – a spot of kite flying yey! 

Each day in the school holidays at 11am and 2pm organised activities are run by NT staff from the Discovery Centre (which incidentally is a new addition and an amazing facility with lots of hands on educational resources including microscopes to look at spider’s legs, butterfly wings and mouse droppings close up)! 


The Rangers handed out binoculars and compasses to all the children and took us on a walk to do some bird spotting! This was a brilliant way to spot the things you wouldn’t notice unless you were looking! We were shown a house marten nesting under the eaves of the cafe roof which was very cute! The Rangers then showed the children how to read a compass which was interesting for me too! The red arrow always points to the north so you need to set your compass appropriately. We talked about what the N, S, E and W stood for. I was impressed my own children knew! We then headed East to the lakeside to look at the birds there! The Canada Geese were very friendly!

So, with two of the 50 things ticked off we headed into the shrubbery to create some wild art from the leaves, twigs, feathers and berries! The boys created their own interprets of “Titanic”! Love it!

Our tummies were rumbling by now so next stop was lunch in the cafe – I had a delicious vegetable soup with cheese scone followed by coffee and cake! The boys tucked into the kids sandwich box and sausage and mash! Yum yum!

To round the day off the next stop was the brilliant play area!


We will definitely be returning soon for more of the fab 50 things activities in the park and maybe also bike ride to explore the amazing woodlands and countryside. Can’t wait! 

So how many of the 50 things can you tick off?

Do you love your local National Trust? 

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