At the end of September Gary and I went to la viva Las Vegas!! Without children!!!

We headed to Heathrow on Sat night for flight Sun am.. All going great so far. Flight stopped off at JFK where there were huge queues for immigration. Note: do not enter America at one of their busiest airports! Just as well we had 4 hours to kill anyway. Eventually set off but then had to stop off at Kansas City for a medical emergency where a 78 yo guy sat behind us wasn’t feeling well and Drs on board thought he needed to be seen at a hospital. I was beginning to think we would never arrive in Las Vegas.. does it really exist this place!?

Anyway woohoo got there just a few hours behind schedule and all smooth. Checked into Bellagio and walked over to Vdara and Aria hotels to explore, Ker-ching (that is btw the sound you hear ALL around the Vegas hotels)!

Next morning we walked up to the Venetian hotel for breakfast at Bouchon. Yummmmmm. Then we hit the fashion show mall for some retail therapy without small people. Bliss… Stopped off for cocktails and nachos, hey why not then back to hotel to change for our evening out! 

Firstly we went to Bobby Flay’s restaurant Mesa Grill (he apparently is the US’s equvalent to Jamie Oliver) in Caesars Palace. Caesars is like a city in itself to be honest with malls of shops. shops. shops, restaurants and bars. You can see why Vegas is know as Disneyland for adults. Anyway it was a delicious fish-cajun type combo meal.. yummmmmm

The entertainment for our evening was no less than Penn and Teller at the Rio hotel. Although this hotel was literally around the corner from ours it literally was dicing with death getting there as we decided to walk. Basically crossing freeways that are the equivalent of the M1! Anyway got there safely and noted that we would be getting a taxi home. Amazing, amazing, amazing is the best description of the evening. We had great seats and Gary noticed that Penn was actually playing in the band who were on before the main show (a sort of background music thing going on), noone else seems to pick that up but then again we were sat next to them. I have no idea how they did any of their tricks and that is the way I would like it to stay.. it was magic! Afterwards the boys were in the foyer for us to have our pics taken with them (well not me, Gary actually!). Anyway after a few more drinks in the hotel we headed back to our hotel. 

Next day (my birthday!) we went to Miracle Mile shops across the road for breakfast at a Mexican restaurant. Had a wander around the shops then a walk up the Strip towards New York, New York hotel and its wicked roller coaster. The roller coaster doesn’t actually look that high, until that is you are actually on it! When it is crawling very slowly for what feels like forever… After all that fun we had a burger in the hotel then carried on walking up the Strip towards MGM, Excaliber, Luxor and Mandalay Bay. For some very strange reason I hadn’t actually brought out with me on my actual 39th birthday, my passport meaning I had no proof of age (thinking perhaps I wouldnt actually need it!). Oh how wrong was I! Arrived very thirsty from such a long walk at Mandalay Bay hoping for a long cold cocktail in the Ice Bar we couldn’t get in because we didn’t have any ID! ROAR! Instead went round the Shark Reef Aquarium where I sulked like a teenager, and an alcoholic one at that. Thinking this might be a one-off we also tried to get a drink in MGM but again was asked for ID. I know I should have taken this as a compliment but it was just plain annoying in 100 degree heat on your birthday! Anyway a quick taxi ride to get my ID and back to MGM for dinner at Emerils yummy restaurant. Very very nice and worth all the hassle. I never got asked for ID when I actually had it! 

After all the walking we decided to spend Wednesday chilling out in the sun at the many pools the Bellagio had to offer and this was a fab idea. Had breakfast at the hotel pattiserie and swam and sunbathed the day away. Mid afternoon we headed to the infamous Wynn hotel for their champagne buffet where we dined on crabs legs, curry, steak and lots and lots of delicious desserts. Also went to see the pirate show at Treasure Island and the exploding volcano at the Mirage hotel before heading downtown to Fremont Street where the whole Las Vegas thing started. This was a real highlight as we were able to play $1 blackjack, drink $1 beers and generally get into the spirit of the place with lots of showgirls and Elvis’ hanging around. We even got some extra tips from our fellow blackjack players which was very useful! 

Thursday and our last full day sob sob! Started off with breakfast in Cafe Bellagio which was nice but nothing special. The sun was so hot we had another relaxing day by the pool, popped over to get some more suncream from the Miracle Mile shops and just had a nice relax. We had a table booked at Cut a fancy restaurant by Wolfgang Puck in Palazzo so headed up there mid afternoon. Bought some perfume at Jo Malone en route. Had a delicious meal followed by birthday surprise dessert and then headed to the Mirage hotel to see the Cirque de Solei “Love” show a magical mystery display of dancing and acting set to Beatles hits although that doesn’t really describe the amazing display that we saw – fantastic show and another highlight! Had a few cocktails in the Revolution bar before which were very yummy. Anyway what a way to end an amazing holiday!

Flew home without incident, thankfully, and back to pick up our gorgeous little boys who by now I was going crazy missing. It was really good to have some quality time with Gary and a break from the routine of motherhood but I don’t think I will be rushing off leaving them again in a hurry. It was hard and I think next time they will have to come with us, though perhaps not to Las Vegas!

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