Lakeside Arts currently has showing BB Cooper’s musical version of the Rudyard Kipling classic, Jungle Book. Written by Toby Hulse, this is an amateur production by arrangement with ARTFIELD and the 6th community music theatre collaboration for The New Street Theatre and Lakeside Arts.

Telling the story of Mogli, played byMahesh Parmar, we see the boy left alone in the jungle after the death of his father at the hands of Shere Kham, the tiger, played by Nottingham favourite, Ade Andrews, in his first venture in music theatre. Leaving his mother (played by Cibele Ponces Alvarenga) bereft, he is adopted by a wolf pack led by an ageing Akela, played by Aaron Belcher after much pleading from Raksha his wolf mother, played brilliantly by Hazel Monaghan. Baloo (played by Jason Wrightam) and Bagherra (Jonathan Salt) also stand up and agree to educate the man cub in the laws of the jungle. That strong feeling of protection and love runs throughout the story with the some powerful scenes featuring Mogli’s two mothers and the realisation by Raksha that he was never really hers.

The stage design by Kate Unwin sets the jungle scene and the lighting, music and sound effects create the perfect atmosphere to complement the story so there is never a dull moment.

Aimed at children aged 6+, the performance emphasises the importance of following rules and the reason for having the rules as a key theme in the musical – a great message for young children to receive in such a fun and accessible medium. The show has depth to give adults equally as much enjoyment.

The talented cast put on an awesome performance of acting, singing and dancing that children will be captivated by. Raa, the hypnotic snake, played by four actresses and the cheeky monkeys were amongst our favourites. Although some of the performers have another day time jobs they clearly have a passion for the theatre and a promising future ahead of them.

We had a brilliant evening at Lakeside Arts, which always delivers theatre that is original and innovative.

The show runs for around two hours including a 20 minute interval perfect for a young audience.

Photographs by Mark James.

Running until Sunday 23 July, the show times are as follows:

Wed 12 – Fri 14 7pm
Sat 15  2pm & 6pm
Sun 16 2pm & 6pm
Wed 19 – Fri 21 7pm
Sat 22 2pm & 6pm
Sun 23 2pm

You can book your tickets through the Lakeside Arts website.

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2 Responses to Jungle Book @lakesidearts @newsttheatre #musical #familytheatre #review

  1. Emma says:

    Thank looks amazing, we love the Jungle Book.

  2. Granny says:

    The whole show was wonderful with each character performing to their highest. I was so scared of the tiger Shere Khan, he was ferocious! I loved Moghli who acted so beautiful. It was a magical evening and the singing was terrific. Well done!

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