I take lots of photos of the boys but it isn’t often they are both smiling, looking at the camera and the shot is actually in focus. Unfortuntely I don’t have the time or patience to sit there waiting for the perfect moment but we get lots of natural shots of the side of their heads ๐Ÿ™‚

Back in March when we had an early Spring, however, we were in the garden and I just managed to catch this shot. OK they aren’t both looking at me but their natural smiles and happiness makes this a perfect moment in time!

Check out some more moments in time by clicking on the image below where Dear Beautiful Boy has some more fantastic memories.

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11 Responses to see it, snap it, love it – a moment in time…

  1. I adore this photo! Makes me think of what I have to look forward to!!!xx

  2. Vikki @ Love From Mummy says:

    Aw they really are gorgeous boys and what a lovely photo of them smiling together! Looks like they were having lots of fun xx

  3. would like to be a yummy mummy says:

    Thats a gorgeous happy photo x

  4. That’s a lovely photo of your boys together. I so hear you too on how hard it is to get a good photo of the both of them together.

  5. What a lovely natural, happy shot of your gorgeous boys. I’d rather see happy shots like this any day over posed ones. And as we all know, with children, these moments have to be caught quickly before some one runs off!
    Thanks for linking up. X

  6. Mammasaurus says:

    Oh that looks like super fun! It’s cool how we all seemed to choose photos of our boys having fun in the sun isn’t it?

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