Over Easter we had a brilliant holiday in Mexico!

Isla Majures has a laid back, island vibe to it that is just perfect for chilling out and doing nothing or you can also explore and enjoy the crystal clear waters!

I loved how happy the island made you feel – obvs the sunshine helped – but some amazing street art and graffiti was guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

When we arrived the first point of call was buggy rental. Hiring a golf buggy to get about the island is the best way for day trippers to make the most of their stay.

I think we did a total of around three laps around the island during the course of the day! It was brilliant fun.

Playa Norte is considered one of the best beaches on the island and with soft sand and turquoise seas we are certainly not going to argue! We could go out really far and it was still shallow!

Lunch had to be taken on the beach bar of course… food was involved!

But who can resist a swing at the bar..

Before getting the ferry back to Cancun after a fun filled day we just managed to see the floating bottle island – Joysxee!


Have you visited Isla Majures? What was your favourite part?

We were only there for a day and there is plenty more to see including a pirate graveyard and a turtle farm!


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5 Responses to Isla Majures #mexico #cancun #islamajures

  1. Emma says:

    That looks amazing!!! I’d love to visit Mexico.

  2. Mari says:

    Oh lucky you, what a fabulous holiday. It is my dream to visit Mexico one day.

  3. Cass Bailey says:

    That looks amazing – Mexco is somewhere I’d love to visit x x

  4. Oh it looks fantastic! I’ve never been to Mexico but I’d love to visit

  5. Granny says:

    This looks such fun Louise, I am so glad you enjoyed it so much. Your dad and I visited Mexico whilst on our cruise to Hawaii but it was nothing like this. I think we will have to go again!

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