Yesterday we went to watch the much anticipated film “Inside Out” and we weren’t disappointed one bit! 

It tells the story of the visual “emotions” that live in Riley’s head. It is really cleverly done and a brilliant way to talk to your child about their emotions. 
The film looks at the highs and lows of life and how your moods can change. Sometimes we do feel like we have lost our joy and sometimes to get it back we have to build ourselves up and take a leap of faith when everything around us is crumbling.  

It also explores how emotions work together in that you can’t feel joy without sadness, how emotions tell others how we are feeling and how  emotions work as a team and some can be stronger than others.
I loved the way memories are removed to make way for new ones. This is also a bit sad! The boys also shed a tear or two so your own emotions show their faces. 

Great Summer holiday entertainment for those rainy day!

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