Every now and again (well about every 6 months or so) the boys go to stay with Grandparents. As we don’t live that close to them and don’t see them on a regular basis this is a treat for all concerned!

Before we had number 2 this used to happen much more regularly but a second child seems to stall the offering a bit.  It usually takes quite a lot of negotiating and offering (me offering that is!) before a date is fixed. The most recent time, one went to one Granny and the other to the other Granny (as they admitted they were a little apprehensive of both at the same time)! This is the one of the first times that Noah has been away on his own as usually he has Ethan for company (and quite often me too!).

Anyway once the date was in the diary I was full on into plannings things we would do without children to entertain! It would only be two nights and one day by the time we had dropped them off and picked them back up again.

It was such a strange feeling when we pulled the car away from my Mum’s (who had the pleasure of Noah’s company!): excitment, mixed with relief (no tears) and a bit of sadness. I knew the boys would have a whale of a time, be spoilt and cuddled and loved, play with toys, eat biscuits and probably get more one-to-one attention than I give them if I am honest. But I was quite surprised by the almost physical pain that I felt to leave them – clearly a sign I should do it more often!

When we got home the sun was shining and it was a beautiful spring evening. Ok so the garden looked like a sea of brightly coloured plastic but once we had cracked open the wine and got settled you didn’t really notice it. Did we ever do this before children? Errm can’t remember!

Anyway, whilst sat enjoying the sun we happened to cast an eye to the roof and low and behold it looked like we had some sort of neglect of our house showing in the eves. Don’t ask me what it was but Gary was concerned! We then got chatting about what else the house needed (or rather I wanted) doing to it – new windows, landscape the garden, new boiler, redecorating, replastering.. the list was well not endless but quite long….

Before I knew it we were looking at new houses nearer to Gary’s work and our families. Crikey – where was this going to!? Thing is.. all of our family live to the North of G’s work place and we are the only thing to the South of it!

Luckily the next day was Monday and Gary was at work. I had a list of jobs to do involving cleaning the fridge out and decobwebbing the house. We also had tickets to see Beady Eye at Rock City so no more was mentioned about some sort of imminent relocation!

Tuesday I was picking the boys up but enroute was packed off to investigate villages off the motorway with a view to looking at houses for sale! The options were quite exhaustive really and who knows what is going to happen now. We love our house and where we live and the really fantastic friends we have made over the last four years or so. But with Ethan due to start school in September it felt like the pressure was on.

Now a week or so on and we have temporarily, at least, scratched moving off our plans to do this year. When we looked at what else was on offer (ok only briefly but we looked!) and nothing really jumped out as being a great, all round option. With children in the picture there is so much more to consider and when you are looking at your 3rd house in our case you want it to be the forever house…..

Anyway, what I want to say is how shocked I was by the revelations we had when the boys weren’t around, when the house was quiet (even when they are asleep it isn’t really that quiet as I am alway listening out for them subconsciously!) and we actually got chance to talk properly. I am looking forward to next time they go on their little holiday but perhaps we will take a break from the house too..

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