Or thereabouts.. Well it has been a year or so since I set up this blog and, although I don’t get chance to write on it as much as I would like, I think I have averaged at posting at least once a week. I am quite pleased with that really. I have learnt so much about the blogging world, met fabulous people and had some great experiences. It has opened my eyes to the possibilities that are out there and they really are endless! The hardest bit is deciding which direction to go in.

There are still lots of things I would like to get sorted out on the blog this year; tagging, tidying and also getting a regular pattern of blogging. I would also like to move it over to WordPress but all these things are on the “to do” list for this year!

Most of the significant events from our 2011 are recorded on the blog which is really great to look back on. I have also a huge amount of posts in my drafts folder that I didn’t get chance to finish! I havent even written about Ethan starting school and how well he has settled! So I think time management is something I definitely need to focus on for 2012. I am still setting myself fairly *low* expectations though. You can’t do everything with small children about!

Reflecting on the year I can see how the blog has changed. It started off as an opportunity for me to write down my personal thoughts and help me make sense of things but I have become conscious of it being a public thing. I don’t have huge amounts of hits and am sure the majority of my readers are friends and family but on the web you never know who is looking at it!

I have decided this year to also take part in Project 366 over on a new blog. At the moment it is quite good fun to do though I am sure as the year progresses it will become more of a challenge!

Another aim for this year is to do a writing course. I would love feedback on my writing (think I am just hooked on education!). Noah get his 15 hours free childcare from September so I will have more time to devote to this. In the meantime I am going to make the most of being with him and having fun together.

I am also planning on getting a bit more fitness into my life! I love food so am not going to go down the diet route – healthy eating will surfice and I think coupled with a good exercise routine I should get myself feeling healthier and able to enjoy life to the full. I am very excited about the Summer, getting the tent out again and going on lots of camping trips with the kids (fingers crossed for sun!).

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