West Midlands Safari Park near Kidderminster on the edge of the Cotswolds, is brilliant for a family day out.

There are two parts to the Safari Park – the drive through Safari – which can be entered from the main car park – and the fun fair which also has done animals such as penguins, meerkats, reptile house, bar cave and hippos. There is also a dinosaur section.

The Safari section takes around an hour or two to get around, depending on how busy it is. There are two lanes for cars so you can go past people but then that is probably where you get the best view of the animals.

We didn’t get a very good view of the white lion or the lions in general really. They were hiding!

In the walk around part there are penguins, meerkats and hippos that you can feed.

We fed the penguins fish but the hippos were cold and all snuggled together near to their hut so wouldn’t come into the water where we were throwing cabbages for them.

There are also lemurs snd a batcave.

This is where the main restaurants are, the dinosaur exhibition and the fair-rides.

They are building an IceAge exhibit which looks amazing!

When you enter the park you are given a ticket for a free return visit. This is valid for your vehicle for a year.

We will definitely go back soon!

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