I would love to say we went for a stroll in a deep dark wood on Friday but, in actual fact it was a beautiful Spring day in Sherwood Pines, although definitely straight from the pages of the Guffalo weather with bright blue skies, white fluffy clouds and tall green trees.


The trail runs from behind the Information shed in a loop back to the Mushroom Village children’s play area. It consists of boards containing little activities that the children can do along the trail.

Activities involved:

  • Alliteration – having a think about great adjectives to describe characters in the Gruffalo book or live in the forest. We came up with Daring Dragonfly, Secret Squirrel and Tantilising Toad!
  • Thinking of things that are made of wood and why we need forests!
  • Using natural materials to make art – the boys wrote they names in the ground or with sticks
  • Exploring how we move – the kids had great fun flapping their arms like the wings of an owl!
  • Hide and seek in the trees! Always a very popular game!
  • Creating animal homes with sticks and leaves this you get out of it as much as you put in but it it fantastic to see the Gruffalo books brought to life in the forest environment.

You can get involved in the trail as much or as little as you would like of course. There is still lots more to come as a 7 foot high wooden carvings of the Gruffalo  is in the pipeline and set to be making an appearance on June 7th for National Picnic day (and also the Gruffalo’s 15th birthday!). Fourteen other forests across the country will also get their own unique Gruffalo so I am looking forward to seeing them!

We are now quite inspired and Noah is creating a little habitat for the Gruffalo in a shoe box which is coming along very nicely. Will post more pictures as it develops!

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3 Responses to Gruffalo hunt at Sherwood Pines #weloveforests

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  3. Granny says:

    If you go down to the woods today………scary! Xxx

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