On saturday we went to see the stage production of the loved Cbeebies programme “Grandpa in my Pocket” at the Nottingham Playhouse. When Noah first started talking he used to call it “Grandpa Dit Dit” and this has stuck so much he calls his own Grandpa this.

If you haven’t seen this fantastic programme, you simply haven’t lived, telling of the adventures Jason gets up to with his grandpa who has a magic shrinking cap and the other residents of Sunnyside where he lives.

The experience started as soon as we entered the theatre, with deckchairs and beach toys set up, donated from John Lewis. Here are the boys having a relaxing moment…


When I first got the tickets I told Ethan about it and said “I wonder how they will do Grandpa shrinking?” and as the experienced theatre goer that he is he looked at me very seriously saying “I think it will probably be a puppet Mummy”. There, that told me!

The stage show certainly didn’t disappoint. The show comprised of six actors, of which most took on two characters. I was amazed at how alike they were to the real, I mean TV, characters are both in looks and sound. The mini Grandpa is indeed a puppet, or rather a series of puppets and the stage props are minimal with beachhuts doubling up as a shop and a boat.

You don’t need to have seen the TV programme as, like the programme, the whole premise of the show is introduced at the start with all the characters. We were also introduced to a new character but I won’t give away the whole story! There is lots of great singing, audience participation, plenty of laughing and fabulous acting from the professional cast.

The show is around two hours in length, including a 20 minute interval. That sounds like a long time to keep a three year old entertained but it works really well and Noah was captivated to the end (icecream and Starburst helped!).

At £55 for a ticket for a family of four this is a definitely a fabulous treat. The show runs until August 11th.

I have also written a review of the show on the Creative Nottingham blog.

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