On Thursday night we had such a treat!

This week the Nottingham Playhouse, which this year celebrates the 50th birthday of its iconic building, also sees the return of the fabulous Grandpa in my Pocket. We saw this fantastic show when it was on last year as the boys are huge fans of the TV programme. Here is our blog post. As well as seeing the (slightly reworked) show we (along with some of our Nottingham blogger friends) were also treated to a back stage tour of the theatre and learnt all about what goes on behind the scenes. How lucky are we!?

The Playhouse nurtures it own home grown theatre, meaning productions are created and developed in house, rather than through touring companies. As such it has its own very busy and well stocked paintshop, props and wardrobe departments.

We started our tour in the paintshop where the team were busily preparing for the Christmas Panto. They were creating the screen for the stage which looked gigantic.20130524-132646.jpg


Next we went to the Props department which was a treasure trove of memorobilia from productions past. It was fascinating to hear Alex and Nathan tell us about the items on show and how they sourced or made them.


Next stop was Wardrobe (via a quick peek in the dressing rooms!). This was the bit I was most looking forward to and I think it would be amazing to have the opportunity to have a really good root around through the costumes, wigs and hats created in this department. Again they were preparing for the Christmas panto and gave us some (top secret) rare treats to see including one of the hats the Dame would be wearing in the panto this year. Noah tried it on – but now denies doing so 🙂

Next stop we had a look in the foyer of the Playhouse as they always put on a teaser for the shows to whet the audiences appetite. We weren’t disappointed and the boys had fun playing in the Grandpa seaside themed displays.


The show was just as good, if not better, the 2nd time around. Afterwards Jasper Gilbert, Head of Production, gave us a guided tour of the stage and the props used in the show. The children were all entralled with it all.


When we came out of the theatre we bumped into Robin Simpson who play Grandpa/Mr Whoops. Robin was wearing glasses (as Mr Whoops does) so when I referred to him as “Grandpa” the boys were very confused and said “No mummy that’s Mr Whoops!” I hope I didn’t spoil their illusion when I tried to explain that the same person played both parts!


The boys also took the opportunity to “high five” Javan Hughes who plays Jason Mason in the show. Grandpa is at the Playhouse until May 31 and then touring up and down the country through to the end of September, more details here.

Thank you to Laura, Bea and all of the team at the Nottingham Playhouse for such an enlightening tour and fantastic experience!

 Disclosure: We received complimentary tickets for the show but were under no obligation to write this post and all opinions and views contained herein are our own. 







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  2. Amanda says:

    It was lovely to see you. It was fab wasn’t it, loved being back stage!

  3. granny says:

    You are two very lucky little boys to do all thes !!! Give your darling mum and dad a big kiss and hug xxxx

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