Did you know this Sunday 25 June 2017 is the 3rd National Unplugging day?

For me this sounds like a brilliant initiative and in its 3rd year of running it clearly is a success.

As technology threatens to undermine traditional family values and a more news of a variety of mental, physical and emotional issues stemming from technology overuse everyone is keen to get some perspective and boundaries on their families digital habits.

The challenge is for parents to enjoy a day of celebration and fun without their device to hand!

The perfect way to spend your day would be getting out the board games and reliving some special family moments.

We were sent the excellent Ravensburger Labyrinth board game to review  which retails at around £20.

Suitable for ages 7+ and for 2-4 players you each take on a character in the maze – a mythical creature who is looking out for a variety of magical ingredients on the cards you are dealt that can be found in the maze.

The board is set out in a maze which you create before looking at your labyrinth cards. You then take turns to move the maze, by pushing down one row of the maze with your additional maze piece,  in the quest to make your journey to find each item the easiest for you. Thus creating a brand new pattern!

Once you get the hang of it it is a really simple game to play and younger children would also enjoy it with a little help. As the maze is changing on every turn you have to keep on your toes to find those hidden objects and how you will get to them.

It is a game of strategy and skill yet tons of fun too! I love how no two games are the same.

Do you think you can unplug for the day?

What tech free fun will you get up to? Would love to hear!

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