antworldThe boys love playing in the garden, doing things outdoors and all that comes with it – especially the minibeasts you meet out there. So when we were give the chance to review Ant World from The Living World range by Interplay UK (and offer a giveaway to my blog readers) I jumped at the chance!
Ant World opens up a window into the secret world of the ant for children to see how they live, communicate and work with each other to build their own habitat. Additionally it promotes National Curriculum Science Life Processes and Living Things Key Stages One and Two through the use of teacher’s notes so is educational and informative for children aged 5+. With this in mind, I decided to ask my son’s Year 1 teacher if she would be interested in setting up the kit in her class for all the children to see. 

The teacher jumped at the chance and my son was over the moon! You can catch your own ants but to keep things simple we sent off for our own which can be bought from Interplay for £3 for 40 female ants (they don’t lay eggs, fight, bite, sting etc). The setting up of the Ant World kit was very fiddly and the instructions were not very helpful in finding the best way to make sure the kit was stable so ants would not escape. Luckily the teacher managed to work it out through a bit of trial and error, making sure the casing was secure and all the parts in place but this was largely done by ignoring the instructions!

Here it is all set up!

Once set up the ants are left to make their way from their housing up the tubing to the plastic ant housing. It is all very secure! It took several days before the ants started to make their way up there. They needed a little coaxing so some fruit was placed in to tempt them and this seemed to work. The teacher said that the children joked that the brave ants that had made it into the housing were going back down to tell the others about the fruit so more were joining. This is probably true as ants do have a way of communicating to each other via chemo-communication and ant Morse code so in their own way they probably were doing just this!


The children absolutely love their new classroom “pets” and they are something different to the norm. Some of the children are really transfixed watching the ants run up and down busily carrying out their jobs. Fabulous educational entertainment for the young naturalist!

After about a week they started to build tunnels in the sand (although there were still a few stragglers still in the original casing!) and feel at home.This has a shade over it so most of the time it is in darkness and like the underground for the ants. It is amazing how the children can see this happening as normally it would all be invisible to us. Furthermore there are Teacher notes on the Interplay website with downloads of practical activities for the children to do! Who knew learning could be such fun!

We give Ant World the big thumbs up for being fun and educational – giving children a glimpse into the secret, but incredibly interesting, world of the ant. I think it would make the perfect gift for the Summer holidays for children to create their own Ant project! Even if you are a little apprehensive about the idea of having such “wildlife” in your home, the ants can’t escape -and why would they want to when they have their own perfect little ready made nest!?

If you would like to win your own Ant World (with a bag of 40 female worker ants so you don’t have to catch your own) just fill in the Rafflecopter telling me an interesting fact about ants that you have found out. I would really like to see as many different facts as possible so there is your challenge!

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I also have another giveaway running here to win a Bug Safari minibeast collecting kit!

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13 Responses to A glimpse inside the world of an Ant – a review and #giveaway! @interplayuk #education #learning #fun

  1. Natalie Crossan says:

    They seem to really like my floor!!

  2. Caroline Signey says:

    Ants communicate using chemicals

  3. Jamie Millard says:

    Male ants only have 1 function – mating with their queen. After that, they may die.


  4. Lizzy Cooper says:

    Ants can live up to 30 years.

  5. Anthony G says:

    Army ants prey on much larger animals such as reptiles, birds or even small mammals.

  6. Laura Nice says:

    Ants have more than one stomach.

  7. Jo Jones says:

    The queen ant lives for approximately 30 years

  8. nicholas bootle says:

    there highly organised and always avoid feet

  9. Doreen Mccarthy says:

    ants are amazing, we saw a similar thing in our local museum, the kids were amazed to see how much they were carrying, and they were all in sync and working as a team, fascinating to watch

  10. Kate B says:

    Apparently, they can live for 30 years!!!

  11. Tracy Nixon says:

    Queen ants can live for up to 30 years!

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  13. Mummy Fever says:

    How much weight they can carry on theirs backs

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