The garden provides the scenery for so many family memories; lazy Sunday afternoons, soaking up the sun; after school letting off steam, kicking a ball around or playing in the paddling pool; or having friends around for a barbecue to name just a few. Here are the boys a few years ago with their little cousins and my Auntie’s cat Henry who is no longer with us.

Last weekend our plans changed last minute and we had a rare chill out at home  and it was lovely just to relax in our own garden. We do love going out for days and travelling about to see what is happening but it is also really nice to just stop and appreciate the things you have on your doorstep. I just loved seeing the boys play on the trampoline, build fires in the chimnea and play in the garden in the summer sun. Bliss!

These two have been laughing and playing on here for ages #blessed #gardenmoments #summer #family

These two have been laughing and playing on here for ages #blessed #gardenmoments #summer #family

World Stores are creating a timeline gallery of special garden moments so I had a dig out through old family photos to see some classic moments from the 1970s and 1980s of my very old childhood in the garden. What a poser I am!


I do have to say lots of the photos I found of myself in the garden, and indeed of my children in the garden we are usually (how can I put it..) making the most of the sunny weather and rather partially dressed!

Do you have any favourite garden moments? Please do let me know would love to hear!

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  1. Granny says:

    I love these photos! Xx

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