I’m not sure when it started, perhaps around 4 years of age, but ever since my eldest is constantly asking questions…. endlessly! Some of them are quite deep and, well, hard! He also usually chooses his time to ask them when I’m driving! I guess he feels like he has my undivided attention… They are actually good questions that he asks and I don’t want to short change him by fobbing him off with a weak answer even if it is “when we get home, lets google it”…

Today we were driving past a park when the eldest piped up “Look at all the eagles in the park! I always see loads of them there”… I had to look.

“Do you mean seagulls babe?” I enquired..
“Oh yes” he said

How cute..

Last weekend we walking to the train station from the car park. It was very early. Before we had got into the station we heard an announcement made over loud speaker.

“Is that God speaking?” he piped up clearly confused by where this disembodied voice was coming from.

Last night I had to change a lightbulb and the boys picked up the old one and were running about with it. The next thing the inevitable happened and it had smashed. I was mostly cross with myself for not taking it off with them as it was obvious that something like this would happen. Anyway, no harm done but the next thing Ethan produced this little note for me apologising!



Love these little notes! Bless him..

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One Response to Funny things my children say #funee

  1. Susan Mann says:

    Aww bless, boys are funny x

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