Paracords are a brilliant fun way to get a bit crafty and creative whilst creating something practical and cool! 

We love adventure, the outdoors and exploring – and these are the ultimate accessory!

In the box you receive six different coloured Paracords (they are similar to thick trainer laces), a metal shackle clasp, carabiner, three different coloured clasps, a slide in compass, PVA glue, chalk in a carry case and a roll of tape with full instructions.

Making the bands is a straightforward knotting technique and a similar process is used whether you are making one with one or two colours. You can add accessories such as compass and chalk with holder.

One tip is that the bands did come up a little smaller, than originally measured, once finished. So it is worth allowing a little extra. I thinnours could also have done with being a little tighter – but for a first attempt we did OK!


The great thing about these is that if, when on an expedition , in an emergency just unravel the bracelet to deploy the Paracords as a trap, to make a shelter, as a clothes line when camping, for fishing or as a string for a long now. Can you think of any other use?  The list is endless! 


We had great fun creating the bracelets and it is great to see the boys get hands on with something practical.

Designed for age 8 plus this is a brill after school activity and showing off the results is only part of the fun! Just the thing for cub scouts!


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