On Saturday we took Noah and three friends to the cinema. It should have been four friends but one couldn’t make it and then his brother was ill so we were a few less than expected.

We took them to Cineworld at the Cornerhouse  in Nottingham to see Big Hero 6 in 3D which was on the Movies for Juniors weekend special. I think they had all seen the film but not in 3D!

Before leaving the house we made up our own pick and mix from a selection of  packet sweets I had bought at the supermarket. This is a great money saving tip and the kids loved it. There are also loads of sweets left over for us next time we go to the cinema or have a movie night at home!

I prebooked the tickets online but didn’t really need to as the cinema wasn’t busy. They cost around £20 for all of us. Anyway the kids were mesmerised for the whole of the film and so were the adults! I have never seen Big Hero 6 all the way through as although we received it as a  Bafta films before Christmas I have only seen small chunks of it myself! So it was a brilliant excuse to enjoy the film without any interruptions! We parked in Trinity Square carpark where, if you make sure your ticket is put in the special machine at the cinema, you can get 4 hours parking for just £3 saving £3.50!

Noah’s favourite treat at the moment is McDonalds which I know isn’t the best but as a one off treat is  pretty fab! So we drove to one near our house to continue the celebrations! For less that £20 we all ate and the kids happily chatted about the film and their food and whatever was going through their minds at that moment!

I always think birthday cake is a bit of a waste for kid’s parties as it usually ends up trodden into the back of the car in preference of the other party bag treats (or maybe that is just us!). So in the spirit of lazy parenting I preordered over the phone a giant cookie from Millie’s for £14.99 which was ready for 10 am. That went down very well!

I have been really busy with the  teaching course and couldnt face a big party this year (and Noah wasn’t fussed about one either), so this option worked well and I can honestly say it is the least stress free birthday celebration we have had!

The fun contined back at our house and when the parents came to collect their little ones it was a pleasure to say they had all been complete stars!

Do you have any tips to share for a great birthday celebration!?



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3 Responses to Frugal and fun tips for a 6 year old birthday party! @cineworld #nottingham #disney

  1. Globalmouse says:

    We did a cinema trip for my oldest’s birthday this year – it was great and we took in our own popcorn to keep costs down! Perfect birthday treat.

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  3. Well that sound like a good way to celebrate your son’s birthday – I’m sure that they all had a lovely time!

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